Jen + Cale | Trash the dress Mexico

” I just need you and some sunsets, baby”

You can never go wrong deciding on a destination wedding and throwing in a trash the dress session while in a magical place such as this one. Getting wet, messy and stuck in a whole bunch of seaweed right on the beach in Mexico at 6am in the morning, greeting the sun doesn’t sound too bad when you escape the cold winters in Canada. We didn’t anticipate quite that much seaweed but apparently it’s a common thing on Mexico’s beaches. Just an FYI.

I loved everything about this session!! We got up early with the rise of the sun for this one to avoid tourists crowding the beaches and to take advantage of the magical, warm toned morning light. It was important for me to create a more intimate yet joyful experience for Jen and Cale. They didn’t really know what to expect from the shoot so we casually just went with it, had fun, tried some different things and shared a lot of laughs. If it were only up to me and if sunrise could stand still I would have probably kept going shooting for sometime. I wanted them to have fun together and to make it all worthwhile getting up so early, putting makeup on and getting dressed up. An alternative to a sunrise session would also be a sunset session although there will be less crowds early in the morning. I think the images speak for themselves and it was absolutely worth it. I’m super happy with the way they turned out. Would I recommend a shoot like that when you are already tying the knot flying all the way to Mexico or someplace else? Yes, yes I absolutely would.